Logistics Management System

The economy is poised to continuously grow. The stable outlooks for Thailand major trading partners and an expected improvement in farm production will all combine to support the economy, whose exports are concentrated on agriculture and high-technology products. Exports are forecasted to grow by 15.5% to $ 127.1 billions; while imports are forecasted to grow by 17.5% to $ 138.3 billions.

The expected in the economy bodes well for the company since this would require better management particularly in warehousing, transporting and other logistics areas in order to ensure that the goods reach the customers on time and with no damage.

United Standard Terminal Plc. has differentiated itself from other logistics providers in Thailand, with the use and implementation of proven logistics management software. This software enables its customers to access the information on their shipment or even manage their own supply chain. This technology has been previously implemented in China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan.

The System that has been described is called SCM (Supply Chain Management). It is a program used to control the flow of goods from the production stage, storage, and transportation on land, sea and sky. For customers looking for an effective SCM, our qualified experts in SCM would be a better and economical alternative. Instead of in-house developed system which generally is expensive both in development and infrastructure and often times of limited use, this is part of our value-added services we offer to our customers.