Quality policy

The United Standard Terminal Public Company Limited and our Affiliated Companies have conducted business under the international standards to create satisfaction to our customers in the best way possible. We have therefore imposed our Quality Policy under the following principles:

We strive to develop continually;
Concentrate on quality and service,
To create greatest satisfaction for Customers,
With our Responsibility to the General Public.

We are fully aware that in achieving our policy it consists of several factors to be integrated successfully under the following guidelines:

1. To introduce all our employees to be conscious with the system and effective thinking procedure including striving for continual development, to attain best achievement in work and to implement improvement on effectiveness of the quality management under ISO 9001:2000.

2. Concentrate on Quality and Service as their responsibility and duty which must be maintained including their revision in modern development at all times for the greatest satisfaction of our Customers.

3. Responsibility to the General Public lies in the company performance, with our attention for employees welfare, workers and communitys life quality.

4. Arrangement in Objectives and Goals in companys quality to achieve companys policy with every 6-month revision.

5. Conduct 6-month revision on Quality Policy regularly.

An effective quality policy shall have to be found out from our customers satisfaction, through internal quality inspection, trouble-shooting and prevention and results gained in system evaluation.

This Quality Policy must be publicized and instructed to all employees in our Company to clearly understand it and everyone shall comply and maintain the Quality Policy for good Services

  ( Mr.Amnuay Kanjanakumnurd )
Managing Director
July 30th, 2003