1. Position applied
1. Position applied *
2. Expected Salary
3. Full Name
Thai Eng. Sex Male Female
Birthday ( dd/mm/yy ) / / Nationality Religion
I.D.Card No. Height cm. Weight kg.
Place of Birth
Present Address
Telephone No. Mobile Phone No.
Marital Status Single Married Divorced Widowed
Father's Name Telephone No.
Mother's Name Telephone No.
Number of your Brothers & Sisters
Emergency Contact Person Telephone No.
4. Served in the military services
*If you are exempted give reason
Completed Territorial Defense Course
Exempted Through Drawing Ballot
5. Education Record
Degree Name of School Major Certificate GPA Year Year Graduation
6. To be an Appentice Attended / Training Course
Year Date Attened Name of Company Function Scope of Work
7. Activities
Activities Position / Scope of Work Awards
8. Employment Record
Name of Company Position Salary Reason(s) of Leaving
9. Knowledge of Languages (State whether it is "Fair" "Good" or "Excellent")
Languages Reading Writing Understanding Speaking
10. Typing Skills
  Thai  word/minute English  word/minute
11. Computer Skills
12. Special Skills
13. Social Interest & Hobbies
14. Brief your personality / habits
15. Brief your expectation to our company
16. Brief your goal & target
17. List a personal references (not including relatives of former employers)
Name Address Occupation Telephone No.
18. Have you had a major illness in the past 5 years? If yes describe
19. Additional information you may wish to insert
20. Verification Code
* Case Sensitive